With Earthworm Julien and Scott invite you, through discussion, walking, storytelling, poetry and music, to pause a moment to reflect. We hope that doing so will help.



Earthworms work tirelessly to recycle the material of life so new life can flourish. They are the world’s great healers. Over 17 years, our experience has taught us that values are the secret ingredient enabling people to be healers too, helping them bring life to their communities. Sharing this experience and learning from others is Earthworm’s purpose.



17 years of experience at The Forest Trust in bringing transformational change to organisations stands behind the work of Earthworm. And at the heart of this work is a process of change called VT-TV which stands for Values, Transpareny, Transformation and Verification. Find out more about the Earthworm process here.



This is where we post our stories, blogs and “Cooee” podcasts. Our yarns celebrate our work, the work of the Earthworm community, and the work of earthworms everywhere. We are always on the lookout for stories so please send us yours.



Earthworm gatherings are challenging learning spaces to help empower individuals and teams working to bring change for people and nature.  Click here to learn more about our gatherings or to register interest in attending the second annual Earthworm gathering to be held in Cogne Italy in summer 2017.



Our intention is to grow Earthworm into a high trust learning community of people who are actively working to bring positive change into their work and the organisations they work in. If you would like to be involved in the Earthworm story sharing adventure please join us.

Earthworm image original source; used under Creative Commons.
Thank you to Michael Leunig for the “art of gentle revolution” from his book A Common Prayer.

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